Health and Nutritional Benefits…are there any?

Should you go gluten, egg and dairy free? NO! Not if you don’t have to. Many people have jumped on this bandwagon as a fad, not because their bodies can’t process these foods. One of the largest myths that surround going gluten, dairy and/or egg free is that you suddenly become much healthier. This is not necessarily the case. For instance, many gluten free products are actually much less healthy due to their high levels of calories, carbohydrates and fat. Often times (in order to make some gluten free food actually edible) companies add way more sugar and other additives than they would normally have to. With that said, if you are looking to lose weight this may not be the lifestyle choice for you.


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In order to remain as healthy as possible on this diet, it is important to stick with as many natural foods as possible. With this kind of lifestyle, simple foods are key. Fruits and vegetables will become your new best friends! These guys can be slotted into all meals and snacks as great sources of vitamins. If you are a cheating vegan like I am, your larger meals will consist of staples like fresh meat and if you’re dying for carbs, rice or potatoes. You can be healthy on a gluten, egg and dairy free diet, but it is going to take some work! Hang in there, coming up with inventive new creations using these staples can get frustrating at first but it gets easier with time. For more information on the benefits and downsides of going gluten free, try visiting The Benefits and Downsides of Gluten-Free Eating on Prevention magazine’s website!


6 thoughts on “Health and Nutritional Benefits…are there any?

  1. THANK YOU. I’ve been alone in telling people that gluten free is not necessarily a healthy diet, and should be reserved for people who have actual problems. It bothers me that it’s become a trend, and that no one has bothered to look anything up on it before jumping on the bandwagon. I know quite a few people who do it because they think it’s healthier and that they’ll for sure lose weight.


    • No problem! Research is so important when it comes to decisions about your health! There are many sites that can educate them on the downsides of going gluten free. It is not impossible to lose weight on it, but it is definitely not some magical unicorn quick fix 🙂

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  2. I definitely think sticking to a diet is important. From working at a pizza restaurant, I find it hilarious how many people come in and ask for gluten free pasta or pizza because they are trying to eat gluten free. Then…they ask for garlic bread. It blows my mind every time.


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