How To: Substituting Gluten and Eggs in Your Favourite Recipes

There are many different sites and blogs giving advice on substitutions. I have put together my favourite resources for you to make for an easier transition to a gluten and egg free diet.

The first is a gluten free conversion chart. Below you’ll see a breakdown of rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch and xantham gum to make up for the elimination of all-purpose white flour.

Substituting eggs out of a recipe is a little different. There are many options, but you may need to try a few depending on the recipe to see what works best for you. Eggs act as a binding and/or leavening agent in most recipes, so they are pretty important in the quality of cooking or baking you turn out. My favourite egg substitution resource comes from the Swanson Health Blog page. See below for the Swanson egg substitution break down and visit the Swanson Health Blog for a video that walks you through egg substitution.

Also, for a more detailed breakdown of egg replacements and their purpose in a recipe, check out the slideshow on Kitchen Daily. This is a great resource and an awesome blog to follow if you are looking for more recipes, tips and tricks!

If you find some substitutions work a little better than others, feel free to share in the comments section. We’re all in this together (the less botched chocolate chip cookies the better)!

Good luck!


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