Bulk Barn Bliss!

The local Bulk Barn was one of my favourite places to go as a kid! The rows upon rows of colourful candies and chocolate left me feeling like I’d walked into Willy Wonka’s factory. Childhood bliss! This love has not died as I have gotten a little bit older, but rather than getting giddy over Skittles and Zingy Zaps I B-line it for the gluten free section!


Image via The Suburban

This was one of my greatest discoveries when I went gluten, egg and dairy free. It’s often hard to find flours, mixes, pastas and so many other staple products you need at an affordable price.

The gluten free section not only makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, but also allows you to buy the amount you need. This makes experimenting with recipes less risky because you can buy just a little bit at a time. So many gluten free products are packaged in small quantities, but are around 3 to 4 times the price of ‘normal’ alternatives. Bulk Barn’s pricing is highly competitive with local grocery stores on most items and offers a large and consistent selection of products.


Image via My GI Journey

Some of my favourite products so far are:

Happy shopping!


10 thoughts on “Bulk Barn Bliss!

  1. You raised some really good points here. One thing to watch out for is that there is no cross contamination if you have a high sensitivity to gluten. Also, if a sign looks questionable, avoid it. But yes, Bulk Barn is a great place to experiment with smaller quantities.


    • I completely agree, thank you for bringing that up! Thankfully I am only sensitive to gluten, eggs and dairy. Those with serious conditions such as celiac would have to take extra precautions at Bulk Barn to avoid cross-contamination.


  2. Ive never not taken a handful of some type of gummy candy while at the bulk barn. #nevergrowingup however despite my natural instincts I have yet to do the same at the olive bar in Sobeys


  3. I always forget what a great place Bulk Barn is. I had to get almond flour a while back and it was so expensive at Goodness Me, so I thought I would try BB. I could spend an afternoon in there. So many options. The only thing that freaks me out a bit is how big the vats of food products are. I wonder how often they are filled/changed/refreshed? Am I alone in this thought?


  4. I was reading your blog and I think is awesome!! One of my favorite post was the one that talking about substitute for eggs. I used to eat eggs only like twice per month…. so its very helpful find substitutions for them.
    I would like to read something about the difference between Almond Milk, Soy Milk and other substitutes for milk. I’m currently get Soy Milk, but someone told me that it wasn’t contain the calcium that my body needs.

    Thank you! I’ll keep following your blog!


    • Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately the substitutes aren’t great for traditional scrambled eggs, but for cooking/baking they generally work really well (they are also much less expensive!). I will definitely do a post about milk substitutions, thanks for the idea! Check back again over the next week or so and I should have something up on that 🙂


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