Eating on the Fly: A Gluten Free Survival Guide

One of the most frustrating things to do when you have a restricted diet is finding a quick bite to eat. Eating on the fly becomes a test of patience, a nerve wracking gamble and an overall hassle, as many of the typical fast food options are riddled with gluten.

Through both personal experience and researching the reviews offered within the gluten-free community, I have developed a list of fast food options.


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Wendy’s has really tried to make eating with a sensitivity easier at its North American locations. They provide an extensive list of menu items and their nutritional/allergen content information. The majority of their salads (and dressings) are gluten free as well as items such as chili and fries. If you have a Wendy’s around, never fear. Those hunger pains will be gone quicker than you can say “want fries with that?”

Click for the full Wendy’s menu breakdown.


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Although Tim Hortons does not have a great selection of gluten free menu items, they do offer Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons. These are great if you’re in desperate need for a coffee break and a small snack.


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Subway is another great fast food option. Although you will have to resist the incredible smell of freshly baked bread in store, you can still have have most sub toppings on a salad. This is a great option if you are looking for a full sized healthy meal.

To make ordering your salad easier, Subway has provided an Allergen Chart for you to check out before ordering to avoid any confusion. However, you may still need to be wary of cross contamination. If you are highly sensitive, feel free to request new prep gloves.


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Pizza Pizza has a great selection of gluten free toppings that can be added to their tasty gluten free crust. There may be a bit of a price increase with this option, but at least you can get your pizza fix! For a complete list of gluten free toppings, click here to go to the Pizza Pizza nutrition page and search for the Gluten Be Aware section.


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New York Fries can be a great break from a busy shopping mall day with friends! The best part? The majority of their menu items are gluten free! They provide non-coated fresh cut fries with an overwhelming amount of gluten free toppings available!

Before you order, be sure to check out the NYF Allergen Chart to be on the safe side.

For more gluten free fast food options, visit The Celiac Scene. Hopefully this helps to ease your fast food frustration!


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