An Ode To Scrambled Eggs…How To Deal With Cravings

I have been on this diet now for just under a year and to be honest sometimes it seriously sucks. I miss convenience, flavour and fluffy textures. I swear sometimes I dream about dancing cupcakes. What I miss most of all though are eggs. Scrambled, boiled, omelettes, quiche…need I go on? There just isn’t a substitute for a good old fashioned egg.


Image Via Get Fit Live

So when I am craving a western what do I do? Well, (after I cry a little) I try to come up with a list of foods I CAN eat. Unfortunately when you have a restricted diet feelings of frustration occasionally come with the territory. The trick is not to linger on those negative feelings.

In addition to listing out some egg-less craving fillers, it is important to get connected with others in your community. Now I don’t mean your local community (although getting to know the Smith’s up the road is great), you need to connect with other people who struggle with the same restrictions. There is comfort in strangers and strength in numbers! Together, you can share in your struggles and swap recipes to overcome them!

Even then there will be some days that are harder than others, on those ones do what I do and watch Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon singing about their deep love for scrambled eggs on YouTube.

Just remember you’re not alone in this, let me know how your food restriction journey is going in the comments!

Good luck!


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