The Woman Behind the Food

My name is Heather, and I am a twenty-something cheating vegan. That sounds a little like the beginning of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. You may be wondering why someone would choose to live a vegan lifestyle if they planned on cheating; the simple answer is that I had to.


For better or worse, I am a food lover. From the time I was young I have always enjoyed trying new tasty creations. This did not become problematic until the summer of 2014. After struggling with various health problems all of my life, I finally came to my breaking point and made an appointment with a local naturopath to find a solution. During my time with the naturopath I underwent various testing to discover if I had any food sensitivities. The results of this testing came back and hit me with a jolt. I had developed severe sensitivities to eggs, most dairy products and that elusive gluten everyone keeps talking about. For someone who actually enjoys food, this was a blow.

I immediately began pouring over the Internet to try to find recipes that eliminate these staple ingredients. To my surprise I found a variety of helpful websites, blogs and Pinterest posts that included these restrictions. I was excited to see that there was a community of people who struggled with the same dietary frustrations. Rather than be a passive member of this group, I decided to contribute to it using this blog through the sharing of recipes, the health benefits of living this lifestyle, personal stories and much more.

For those of you who take offense to the term “cheating vegan”, I mean no harm. I began using this term to describe myself to my friends and family as a way of making my lifestyle easier to understand to the outside world. If you can identify with this title or are merely curious to know what I am actually able to eat, then please join me in my journey as a healthy and happy cheating vegan.



2 thoughts on “The Woman Behind the Food

  1. Hi there, your first blog post was informative. Something I don’t think I would have given much thought about until you posted. Thanks! Are you able to turn on replies for all your posts? It would be kind of cool to give others the opportunity to engage with you concerning what you’ve written. Looking forward to reading more!


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