Gluten Free Cake Mix Sugar Cookies

It’s about that time of year again! Busy shopping malls, beautiful trees and baking…lots and lots of baking. If you are anything like me (other than the birth of baby Jesus of course), this is one of the best parts!! I love to do some Christmas baking for my family and friends when the weather gets cold.

Unfortunately, baking for myself and other people got a little tricky when I changed my diet. I could either make something for gluten free eaters like me or I could bake an entirely different recipe for my family and friends.

Now, thanks to Betty Crocker one cookie fits all! These Cake Mix Sugar Cookies are both delicious AND gluten free!

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The Truth About Milk – Making An Educated Choice

You may be debating whether or not you should remove milk from your diet. Before you make any lifestyle choices it is good to do a bit of research into the costs and benefits of elimination.

There are many video, blog and journal resources out there for people considering this. Check out the D News video posted on YouTube below for a short explanation of the costs and benefits of milk consumption.

Hopefully this helps to clear up some of your questions about drinking milk. Now you can decide whether or not it is time to switch to a milk alternative. For more information on milk substitutions, check out Milk Substitutes For The Dairy Challenged.

Milk Substitutes For The Dairy Challenged

I have had some requests for a blog post on how to choose the best milk alternative for cooking and baking, so here goes!

Often, before I buy anything I like to do some research to check out what other people have found to work well for their cooking and baking. The Grocery School on YouTube is a great resource for this. Below is a clip detailing rice, almond and soy milk alternatives.

Personally, I have tried most non-dairy milks under the sun, but have landed on a few key favourites including soy, almond and coconut. Which milk I use typically depends on what I need it for though.


Image Via Today’s Mama

Soy Milk: This is a rich alternative. It works well for cooking and baking and is very similar nutritionally to cow’s milk. However, there is some skepticism surrounding soy consumption and how much is safe to drink. Although results are inconclusive, due to its estrogen content some suggest high consumption levels may increase the chances of developing breast cancer. You may want to do some extra research in order to make an informed choice.


Image Via Paleo Plan

Almond Milk: With a slightly nutty sweet flavour, this milk is great for everyday use in things like coffee, tea, cereal and cooking. I like to look for unsweetened and unflavoured brands that are low in both sugar and calories! Continue reading